(Date of expiry of current term of office is in brackets.)

Patron: Baroness J Neuberger DBE                     

Executive officers

Chairman                    Dr John Lockley (2021)    

Deputy Chair             Mrs Chris (Chetty) Walker (2022)

Treasurer and Membership secretary  Dr Julian Randall (2021) 

Editorial Teams

The Writer

       Editor                     Dr Neil Wilson (2021)
The Old Vicarage, The Brow, Lothersdale,
Via Keighley, West Yorks BD20 8EQ

     Co-editor             Dr Teresa Black

    Journal IT            Dr Julian Randall (2021)


    Webmaster              Dr John Lockley (2021)

    Internet editors    Dr Neil Wilson (2021)
                                           Dr Julian Randall (2021)
                                           Dr Moira Brimacombe
                                           Dr John Lockley (2021)

Competitions Secretary           Dr Charmian Goldwyn (2022)

Nurses Representative              Mrs Chris (Chetty) Walker (2022)

Non-doctors’ representative  (to be appointed)

Conference Organiser                  Dr Mary Anderson

Committee Members                    Dr Dorothy Crowther
                                                                  Dr David Gelipter
                                                                  Dr Suresh Pathak (2022)

Corresponding Committee Members    Dr Charmian Goldywn (2022)
                                                                                   Dr Raymond Hume
                                                                                   Mr Colin Kerr

Biographies of Committee members