About the Society — and membership

DO JOIN our lively writing group — you will be warmly welcomed. We have members from across the UK, and beyond; all from medical and allied professions. Some of us are just beginners, others are published authors, and all stages in-between. We love to write, whether it’s fiction, poetry or all manner of medical and academic matters.

But now, the whole direction of the SOMW has changed: the advent of high-quality self-publication means that getting published is now entirely under your own control. To see just how numerous and ground-breaking are the opportunities, do look at our Chair’s summary of the new opportunities opening up for medical writers. But in addition we have our:-

JOURNAL: Twice-yearly our editorial team produce our journal, “The Writer“, to which any member can contribute a piece of writing.  Themes are wide-ranging, from anything you write concerning medicine and health care, including medical and academic essays to short stories and non-fiction, humerous tales, or poems.

ON-LINE POETRY FORUM: We have a moderated, on-line Poetry Forum which is a members-only Google-Group for sharing poetry we have written and to comment constructively on each other’s work.


COMPETITIONS: We submit our writing efforts to our twice-yearly competitions. There are now five categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Academic and those for the 18-25 age group.   PRIZES are presented at the two conferences.  Winners and best entries are published in “The Writer“.

CONFERENCES and WRITING WORKSHOPS: We meet together twice a year. Non-members are also welcome. In April we have a one-day conference in London. Our autumn conference from a Friday to Sunday in October is held at different venues across the country, chosen to facilitate traveling for as many as possible.  Each conference has a theme, invited speakers, writing workshops, prizes, a chance to catch up with friends, and a lot of fun! Recent themes have included: “Creativity and Mental Health”; “Why write, what and how?”; and “Improving our writing and gaining confidence” .

ON-LINE DISCUSSIONS: we have three private listservers which allow members to discuss various aspects of medical writing: the general listserver, useful for general discussion, announcements and queries; the poetry listserver; and one for budding playwrights and screenwriters.

TECHNICAL MATTERS. These are teaching sessions,  ranging from developing a high-quality style of writing to learning how to get published, or how to create an academic paper to the very highest standards.

There are two ways to join the SOMW:

Download and complete  the application form,  and either post it with a cheque to our Membership Secretary / Finance Officer, Dr Julian Randall, Society of Medical Writers, Acre Rise Cottage, Upper Lodestone, Claverley,  WOLVERHAMPTON  WV5 7DH, or alternatively email it to moldywarp@doctors.org and pay by BACS to The Society of Medical Writers (SOMW) ACCOUNT, Barclays 83304337, and Sort code 20 45 45, reference: your name+join

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (claimable as a medical expense against medical earnings):
Standard Membership £50; Dual Membership £60; Retired Member £45; Dual Retired Members £50;
Nursing & Ancillary Professions £30;
Students £15

Overseas: Additional charge for Journal postage £ 7.50