Committee biographies

wjl-ovalDr John LockleyChairman and List- and Web-master. A Cambridge-trained GP for 40 years, and now a medical informatician, John has also been a professional writer since the mid-eighties. He has eight books to his name on a wide variety of subjects, including three novels; more recently he has written extensively for professional journals on medicopolitical, management and IT matters.


chettie-walker Mrs Chris (Chetty) Walker  Vice-Chair and Nurses Representative





julian Dr Julian Randall  Treasurer and Membership secretary; Journal IT





Editorial team

neil-wilsonDr Neil Wilson  Editor, ‘The Writer’ and one of our internet editors.
Getting three Personal Views published in the BMJ and various articles in World Medicine in the 1970s and 80s inspired Neil to continue writing, as did joining the SOMW (then GPWA) on its inception in 1986. A memoir of his life as a GP in Yorkshire is slowly forming, but in the meantime he has had many articles published in GP, Pulse, Prescriber and others and won a few prizes. Neil became
editor of The Writer in 2012.

Dr Teresa Blackteresa_black  Co-editor, ‘The Writer’ has always written both poetry and prose: her first publication was in the school magazine when aged six. Her next success was as a joint winner of a holiday in Paris, having written an essay entitled ‘Souvenirs d’enfance’ which was motivated by a desire to avoid something else. She has recently joined the Bridgnorth Writers’ Group which, she says, ‘appears to have some serious talent!’
Having just retired from psychiatric practice, she hopes to have more time to write.


moira  Dr Moira Brimacombe Internet editor





Mrs Paula Lawrence   Competitions Secretary and Non-doctors’ representative


mary2 Dr Mary Anderson Committee member. As well as being a doctor and a writer, Mary also used to play violin from time to time with the Hallé Orchestra. (Beat that for a combination of professions!)





dorothy-crowtherDr Dorothy Crowther MSc FRCGP. Corresponding committee member and past Chair of SOMW. Retired Hertfordshire GP, Medical Director, and Medical Advisor, Dorothy always wanted to write. Her MSC project “Is there a link between the Consulting Patters of  Premenopausal women and the Menstrual Cycle?” was published in Family Practice in December 1994; “Windows on a Life.  It  Would be a Difficult Decision But… ” was published in June 1994 in the British Journal of General Practice and reprinted in  The Writer. The Mungrisdale Writers  have published several pamphlets of poetry to which she has contributed.
Dorothy is very involved in the Quaker movement, especially creating a charity in the deprived area of Rokel in Sierra Leone. This included setting up an orphanage and starting a clinic and a school, about which she has written most effectively.


Dr Charmian Goldywn Committee member always wanted to be a GP, and worked in in a teaching practice in Twickenham. She joined the GPWA (as it was then) in the early 90’s. She has always enjoyed writing, particularly for the medical magazines. She learned a lot from the conferences she attended, so that her articles started getting published more often.
started to write poetry while on a ‘sabbatical’ in Bangladesh in 1989 and likes her poems because they are memories of things she had done, or places she had been: many have been published.
After retirement she found she ‘still had bags of energy and my brain had not seized up’, so she joined ‘Medical Justice’ and became deeply involved in working with asylum seekers, which she continues to this day.


Dr Raymond Hume Poetry list-master.
Ray was involved in General  Practice and GP academia until 2010. Ever since he was able to read he’s been passionate about good writing — and especially poetry, particularly its links with music, musicality, and the oral tradition. He is also a keen brass-band player.
Some of his poetry has been published. He has also judged several poetry competitions.
Ray was SOMW Vice-Chair during 2005-8, and Chair 2008-10.