Honours, Fellowships and Awards

Fellowships are awarded to Society Members who have contributed significantly to medical or non-medical writing; or who have inspired and or mentored writers; or have played an important role as editors; or for their achievements and contribution to the Society.

Fellows are entitled to certain privileges, including the use of the post-nominal ‘FSOMW’.

Fellowship (Honorary) Richard Cutler
Wilfred Hopkins Award Oliver Eade
Bacon Student Writing Award Richard Scott Pye
Michael Lasserson Award Vinaya Srirangam
Wilfred Hopkins Award Richard Westcott
Fellowship Oliver Eade
Fellowship  Raymond Hume
Honorary Member Nadia Lasserson
Wilfred Hopkins Award Richard Westcott
Gus Plaut Medal Michael Lasserson
James Willis
Fellowships Christopher Cameron
Oliver Eade
Honorary Member Elspeth Dennison
Wilfred Hopkins Award Oliver Eade
Chris Walker
Bacon Student Writing Award Simon Durkin and Sabrina Khan
Richard Asher Prize for Medical Writing Katie O’Connell-Binns
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Oliver Eade
Gus Plaut Medal Ruth Chambers
President Brian McGuiness
Fellowship David Misselbrook
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Oliver Eade
Gus Plaut Medal Brian W McGuinness
Bacon Student Writing Award Joanne Li Shen
Academic and Scientific Award Sonia Saxena
Fellowships Ron Mulroy
Ann Whitehead
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Oliver Eade
Gus Plaut Medal David Haslam
Patron Julia Neuberger
Fellowships James le Fanu
Liam Farrell
J F Fleetwood Snr
Paul Sackin
J V Salinsky
Harold Selcon
Honorary Fellowships Tricia Greenhalgh
Julia Neuberger
Life Members  Rodger Charlton
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Harold Selcon
Gus Plaut Medal Wilfred Hopkins
Academic and Scientific Award Karsten J Jorgensen and Peter C Gotzche
Fellowships Tina Ambury
Marie Campkin               
Professor Ruth Chambers
Dorothy Crowther
Prof David Haslam
Robin Hull
Kausar Jafri
Pippa Keech
Michael Lasserson
John Lockley
Rod Manton
Ian McKee
Gustav S Plaut T.D
Neil Wilson
Gill Wakley
Honorary Fellowships Yvonne H Carter
Roger Neighbour
Life Members Gilly Bolton
Wilfred Hopkins
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Julian Randall
Wilfred Hopkins Cup Charmian Goldwyn
Fellowship Charmian Goldwyn