Writing Competitions — General Rules


Competitions, Prizes and Awards

   The purposes of the SOMW competitions are:

·         The recognition of high quality writing by members.

·         As a stimulus to those who may have intended to write for publication but have not so far made the effort.

·         To encourage participation in workshops organised by the Society.

·         To indicate to publishers a standard of writing by members of the Society.


There are half yearly awards in the following categories, for which the entry deadlines are January 31st  and July 30th:


A  (Fiction)

     Short story (maximum 2500 words)

     Poetry (maximum 40 lines)


B  (Fact)

     Unpublished article or essay (maximum 2500 words)


Each entry:

·         Should state which category it is entered in. 

·         Must have a title and a pseudonym ;

·         Be in double-spaced typescript on A4 size paper, printed on one side only

·         Be In a form suitable for submission to a publisher.

·         Have its pages numbered, and stapled together.


Writing must be original, and not previously published. It should not have been previously entered for the SOMW journal ‘The Writer’, even if the issue it was entered for has not yet been published.

Only one entry form is required for each competition even if multiple submissions are being made.

Only one copy of each entry is required

The entries should be accompanied by a separate sheet detailing the writer’s name, address and pseudonym, together with a list of all the titles being sent.

Be prepared to send an electronic copy to the editor of the SOMW journal when this is requested. All entries will be considered for publication in the Writer.

There will be an independent judge (the external assessor). Where possible, the script will be returned with the independent judge’s critique.

There is no limit to the number of awards held by any one author.

There will be an entrance fee (see the entry form for each competition)

Awards from the Summer competition will be presented at the Autumn Conference, and from the Winter Competition at the Spring Conference.

The results will be published in the following edition of ‘The Writer’.

All winning entries will automatically be entered for the Wilfred Hopkins Award, given for the best piece across all categories over the entire year. This award will be presented at the Autumn Conference.


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