Roger Bacon Biography Award for Medical Students



Rules concerning entry:


  1. Original, unpublished work
  2. Single side of A4, double-spaced, two copies
  3. Up to 5000 words, or 20 pages of A4
  4. A biography of any person famous or not, family is acceptable. Medical or non-medical, though the character should offer some features of medical interest.
  5. If the biography is of a ‘living person’ their written assent must accompany the entry.
  6. Style, clarity and quality of the use of English in the presentation will be taken into consideration when judged.
  7. The Society of Medical Writers reserves the right not to make an award in any one year if the required standard is adjudged not to have been met.
  8. There shall be no correspondence after the selection of the prize-winner.
  9. The copyright remains with the author, but each prize-winner will be requested to supply an electronic copy which will be retained by the Society of Medical Writers
  10. The winner will receive a cheque for £200.00 and a certificate.
  11. No email scripts will be accepted, i.e. Hard-copy only.
  12. A synopsis should be enclosed with each entry.
  13. The closing date for the award is 1st December of the year in question.
  14. The winner is entitled to free membership of the Society of Medical Writers until training ends. All entrants may apply for free membership for up to 5 years
  15. A stamped, addressed envelope should be enclosed if acknowledgement of entry is required.
  16. Additional entry forms are obtainable from the Society of Medical Writers Competition Secretary, Dr Moira Brimacombe. 10 Broad Elms Lane, SHEFFIELD S11 9RQ tel: 0114 236 5106
  17. There will be two judges, one from the Society and one external.
  18. The judges’ decision is final.
  19. A home address must be included in the entry form for receiving the prize
  20. A runner-up will receive a certificate and special mention, chosen from the short list sent up for the prize


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