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News Nov 2016

Nov 2016

We had a great 30th Annual Conference at Keswick! Many thanks to Dr Dorothy Crowther for arranging it so well.

At the AGM Dorothy, as planned, stepped down as Chair, to be replaced by Dr John Lockley.
After a long period of serving the society most effectively and most faithfully, Mrs Irene Ranner has also decided to step down as Secretary, and Prof Ann Barrett has chosen to retire as Treasurer. We are immensely grateful to all three of them for their hard work and dedication.

We’ve agreed unanimously to organise the society in a slightly different way. This will allow us to deploy our resources more effectively, and to serve the membership more appropriately. We’re going to subsume the work of the Secretary into several different existing roles. Dr Julian Randall will take over as Treasurer, but will also act as membership secretary.

It will be relatively easy for him to do this as we now have a beautifully curated membership database (thankyou, Ann!) which will serve both purposes.

Julian will also be taking up a newly-created position within the society of Archivist, ably helped by a variety of other committee members.

We will be improving our internet presence – website, Facebook page and Twitter account — and have created a sub-group of ‘Internet editors’: Dr Neil Wilson, Dr Julian Randall, Dr Moira Brimacombe and Dr John Lockley.

We’ve also agreed a number of other internal changes which will boost the efficiency of the society hugely, improve the quality and frequency of the committee meetings, and crucially, improve the quality, functionality and content of the website.